When your patients receive an email regarding a receipt or invoice that you have processed in Medipass, they can reply to the email. You can set a specific reply-to email address so that these enquiries are received in a particular inbox.

This is particularly useful if you have one email inbox for new patient enquiries and another email inbox for existing patient enquiries.

How to set an alternative reply-to email address

  1. Login to your Medipass portal (connect.medipass.io)

  2. Click "Locations" on your left hand menu

  3. Select the location that you would like to add an alternative reply-to email for

  4. Click "Edit"

  5. Add an email address under the "Invoice & receipt reply-to email address" field (like below)

As always, if you run into any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact Medipass support by chatting to us via the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or emailing support@medipass.com.au.

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