Please note, this article is aimed at Medipass users who are already using Medipass, for either Medicare or Medipass Health Insurance Claiming. If you have not set up Medicare or Medipass Health Insurance Claiming (or even Medipass), then click through to these articles:

Generating an API Key

The first step in setting up your Medipass/Cliniko integration is to generate and copy an API key, or 'secret key', from your Medipass account. An API key is a code that allows you to link the information from one application (Medipass) to another (Cliniko).

Important: Any application with access to your API key will have access to all of the information in that account. Keep your API keys as secure as your password and only provide them to systems you trust.

To generate an API key from your Medipass account, first select your account name in the top right hand corner.

Then select "Medipass account"

You can then select the "API keys" section and select "Generate API key"

Copy the key that appears by clicking on the little blue clipboard icon.

Next up: follow these instructions to paste the key into your Cliniko account and set up your integration.

You can also watch this great video here, made by Rachel from Cliniko, which walks through the steps of setting up this integration and introduces Medicare claiming along with "Cases" for referral details.


Have you encountered an error when using Medipass with Cliniko?

Here's a checklist below to ensure that you have setup your Cliniko account correctly:

  • Have you added your provider number in both Medipass or Cliniko yet?
    (You will need to make sure the provider numbers in both Medipass and Cliniko exactly matches with each other meaning there should be no extra spaces.)

  • Have you ensured that your payment types have been allocated correctly like the screenshot below? (if you don't see "Medicare" as a payment type in your dropdown box, you'll need to create a new payment type by following the steps in Cliniko's guide by clicking here.)

Once you are done editing the changes, make sure you also click "Save Medipass settings" or "Refresh list" in order to reflect the changes you have made.

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