Medipass’ new claiming services fees

From 1 September 2021, pricing for Medipass Paid Claims will be $0.14 per claim capped at $39 per location, per month (including GST). There are no changes to Medipass Card Payment pricing for processing Visa, Mastercard, Apply Pay and Google Pay payments.

For the complete rundown on all our pricing, you can view our full pricing article here.

Here's Sophie from the Customer Success team to explain these changes. Don't worry about taking notes, it's all written down below, too!

Summary of Medipass Paid Claim fees

Why are we changing the price for paid claims?

We've listened to the feedback from businesses who process a large volume of claims, and we recognise that the current pay-as-you-go model can really start to add up as your business uses Medipass for more of your claim transactions. That's why we're making a change to cap these claiming fees at $39 per location, per month.

For businesses who transact occasionally, we’re removing the 200 claims tier that currently reduces the price from $0.22 per claim, and introducing a simpler price per claim at $0.14. There's no minimum monthly fees, so you only pay for Medicare, DVA or WorkCover Queensland claims if you transact.

An example of a Medipass customer

We recognise every business is different, but for example, in a busy healthcare business with two practice locations currently using Medipass for Medicare Bulk Bill Claims exclusively and seeing 1,000 Medicare patients a month across the two locations, here’s how this new pricing would work:

Current pricing - until 1 September, 2021:

  • Practice 1 = 500 claims

  • Practice 2 = 500 claims

  • Calculation: 200 claims at $0.22 plus 800 claims at $0.12 = $44 + $96

  • Business = $140 per month

New pricing - after 1 September, 2021:

  • Practice 1 = 500 claims

  • Practice 2 = 500 claims

  • Calculation: two practice locations x $39 monthly cap

  • Business = $78 per month (savings of $62 per month)

For a busy healthcare business with two practice locations processing 1000 Medicare Bulk Bill claims across both locations per month, the business will save $62 per month (or $744 per year) with our new pricing for claims.


If your questions aren't answered here, or if there’s anything we can help you with, please contact the Medipass Customer Success team at or via our live chat.

Do I have to pay the $39 if I don’t raise any Medipass Paid Claims?

No. If you do not raise any Medicare, DVA or WorkCover Queensland claims in a month, then there is no fee for Medipass Paid Claims.

Do you charge per provider?

No. You can add as many healthcare providers and staff as you need without changing the cost of Medipass.

How does billing work?

For more information on Medipass billing, please visit our Billing help centre here.

Do I need a physical terminal for processing private health insurance claims?

No. Medipass allows you to process Private Health Insurance claims and Patient Payments directly via a patient's mobile phone.

Are there any other agreements or integrations required?

Yes, most funders require providers to be registered with them directly, for example, activating private health insurance requires you to be registered with HICAPS, and our Medicare functionality requires you to be a registered Medicare provider.

Do I still get a discount for raising claims via Cliniko or Pracsuite?

The Medicare and DVA discounts are being discontinued because the new pricing is more favourable than those discounts.

Can I process all my claims under one location in Medipass?

Every funder will have their own specific requirements around registered provider numbers and locations, as such, your billing processes need to align with these location requirements.

With the acquisition by Tyro, can Medipass provide me with a Tyro terminal?

Watch this space… we’re working on it!

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