PDVC (Pay Doctor Via Cheque) is an option for Patient Claims only. It allows a patient to pay a partial amount or nothing and have the Medicare benefit amount be paid to the doctor via a physical cheque mailed to the patient or claimant.

How use trigger the PDVC scheme

  1. Raise a Medicare patient claim as per usual - click here to see a guide if you're unsure

  2. Click "Show optional attributes" under the relevant item code

  3. Set an amount under the "Patient contribution" field - this amount must be less than the fee

  4. Optional: List an address for the cheque to be sent to by going under the patient details, clicking "Advanced", then setting the patient address. Note this address is for the patient, not the servicing provider. If left empty default address on record with Medicare will be used

For more information on how the PDVC scheme works and eligibility, please see the Services Australia guide here.

Otherwise, if you have any other questions, please let us know by clicking the chat bubble located on the bottom right hand corner of your Medipass portal!

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