Medipass will soon be upgrading our Medicare and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) solutions to align to the newest web services framework now offered by Services Australia.

There is nothing for you to do in order to upgrade your Medicare solution though once complete, you may notice some new or updated fields.

Once the upgrade is complete, our service will support the following key enhancements for all partners and customers:

See more details about these changes below 👇

Concession checks

Medipass has the ability to verify Concession status with Medicare account details. This will show is the patient is eligible or a holder of one of the following:

  • Health Care Card

  • Pensioner Concession Card

  • Repatriation Health Card (Specific or All Conditions)

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

  • Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Card

  • Safety Net Entitlement card

  • Safety Net Concession card

  • Ex-Carer Allowance (Child) Health Care Card

  • Foster Child Health Care Card

  • Low Income Health Care Card

Patient verification timestamp

We date & timestamp the last verification attempt in the patient record and patient detail section at time of claim.

Note: Sex is now a required field for Medicare and DVA for verifications only. But we default to Not stated / inadequately described if not explicitly selected.

Entitlement Code (White card/Gold card)

Medipass will automatically check whether the patient has a Entitlement Code and Description on successful match. This will let the provider know if the veteran is a Gold or White card holder.

Veteran file number search

For DVA claims, you can lookup the veteran file number (VFN) if not known - just leave VFN blank and provide a valid:

  • first name,

  • last name,

  • date of birth and

  • sex.

Just click verify DVA details and we will return the VFN if a successful match:

Support for full Diagnostic Imaging, Pathology and Anaesthetic services

We support pathology and diagnostic providers.
These Practitioners can submit Medicare bulk bill, patient claims and DVA claims. These item codes are published to all GPs and Medical Specialists who can also use these codes and services.

Additional item attributes such as LSPN, Self Deemed Codes and Facility IDs for in-hospital services

  • LSPN - Providers who perform Specialised imaging Location Specific Provider Number. A LSPN is applied to all items in a claim as the attribute is typically set at the item level.

  • Self deemed codes - These services do not require a referral. In the referral section, under non-referral reason, set this Not Set (Self Deemed Services) and be sure to set each claim item to Self Deemed “SD”.

  • Facility IDs - Practitioners will now need to set in-hospital/admitted patient indicator for the whole claim. For admitted in-patient hospital claims, providers can include a valid Commonwealth Hospital Facility ID.

Default referrals linked to patient records

Medipass supports the option to save referral details!
These referral details can be added in the patient's record, or via a claim.

Optional default claimant for Medicare patient claims

Medipass will allow you to save a default claimant for a patient who is a minor.
This claimant will automatically appear within the claim when you select "Someone else" will receive the MBS benefit.

If you have any questions please hit the pink chat bubble in the right corner of your screen to speak with the Medipass Support team.

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