WorkSafe Victoria has partnered with Medipass to introduce digital invoicing, to make it easier for service providers to have invoices approved and receive payment.

Here is a step by step guide on how to submit an invoice.

1. Sign up for Medipass

Log in to Medipass at If you have not yet signed up for your free Medipass Provider account, you can do so here.

2. Select WorkSafe Victoria

Click on the "WorkSafe Victoria" tile to begin the invoice. If you have not yet activated WorkSafe Victoria, you can do so by following these instructions.

3. Enter Details

The WorkSafe Victoria invoice will request required information including:

  • Invoice details: enter an invoice number from your practice management software, or accounting system.

  • Provider details: add the details of the provider who performed the service. Providers will need to be set up for WorkSafe Victoria invoicing in Medipass for them to appear here.

  • Injured worker details: you can either search for an injured worker you have invoiced for before, or click 'Add New Patient' to enter the injured worker's details. When you raise an invoice for a new injured worker, their details will be saved to a Patient Record in Medipass, so they'll be remembered for next time.

  • Payment codes: enter item codes for the service delivered. If needed, you can add multiple item codes by clicking "Add another item".
    Note: The service date automatically defaults to today’s date, i.e. the day you raise the invoice and some item codes require a description when what they cover can be varied.

4. Submit invoice

Review the total amount of your invoice and your settlement bank details then click 'Submit Invoice'.

Note: The 'Settlement bank details' will have been added when you activated WorkSafe Victoria and will be the bank details that Medipass will deposit funds into. To set up or update settlement bank details, follow these steps.

5. Summary page

After submitting your invoice, you will be taken to a summary screen which contains all the information of your invoice and its current status. You can return to this screen any time to check the progress of an invoice by going to the 'Invoices' section of Medipass.

6. Add payment for out-of-pocket expense

If there is a payment outstanding for a claim, you process the amount by selecting 'add payment' and using our Medipass Card Payments feature. If you have not yet set up Medipass Card Payments, you can do so by following these instructions.

For detailed information about invoice status, click here.

As always, if you need any help with anything, please let us know. You can contact our support team by clicking the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or by emailing

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