Medipass supports two options for general practitioners to submit overseas visitor health cover (OVHC) claims.

  1. Tyro HealthPoint via your Tyro terminal, or

  2. Medipass’ direct integration with nib - no terminal required.

Tyro HealthPoint

Tyro HealthPoint is a great option for general practitioners who already have a Tyro terminal. This functionality enables OVHC claims to be run via a supported Tyro terminal. You simply need to connect your terminal to Medipass and use the Medipass software to raise the claim.

Please note:

  • You must have a Tyro Countertop EFTPOS machine. Tyro HealthPoint is not available on Tyro Mobile machines.

  • You must have Tyro HealthPoint enabled on your Tyro Countertop EFTPOS machine.

  • Bupa and nib are the supported funds for OVHC for Tyro HealthPoint.

To learn more about whether OVHC claiming via Tyro HealthPoint is right for you, click here.

nib direct integration (beta)

With our nib direct integration, GPs can submit an OVHC claim digitally via Medipass without a terminal or the need to tap or swipe a PHI card.

This is a great option for:

  • Providers who do not have a HealthPoint compatible Tyro terminal as claims are submitted digitally, straight from your browser. Patients do not need their nib card, and providers submit claims on behalf of your patient,

  • Batch uploading of invoices, especially for providers who don't charge a gap - submit multiple OVHC claims at once at the end of the day or week,

  • Telehealth claiming, and

  • Those who need to process the complete set of MBS codes, including those which require qualifying attributes.

The nib direct integration supports all MBS codes, including additional MBS item attributes, such as Number of Patients Seen which are not currently available in traditional terminal based services. These attributes may be required for providers who deliver group attendance services, after-hours care, home visits or hospital visits. Further, all the MBS codes will be limited by the link to their respective ‘Professional Category’, e.g. GPs will only see their item codes.

Please note, our nib direct integration is currently in beta. To be one of the first to access this new integration, please contact us here.

If you require further assistance, you can contact the Medipass support team by clicking the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or by emailing

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