Note: These instructions are for processing a private health insurance transaction for patients who have downloaded and set up the HICAPS Go app. If your patient would prefer to approve their claim via the web, click here

Step By Step 

Make sure your patient has downloaded and set up the HICAPS Go app before you create the payment request in Medipass. You can send your patient an SMS with a link to the app in their app store by following the instructions here.  

Once the appointment has finished and your patient is ready to pay, click on "Create payment request" in the top left-hand corner. 

You can then select how your patient will be paying for this service, such as using their private health insurance, or fully out of pocket.

Enter in the details of the payment you want to make - the date of the appointment, your practice and practitioner, and the patient (tip: you can search for the patient by their name, email address or phone number) - and click 'Create payment request'.

Once you click 'Create payment request', your patient will receive a notification on their device to let them know they have a new payment to reconcile. Tapping OK will take them to the approval screen, where they simply need to tap "Approve" to finalise the payment. 

Do you have a patient who wants to pay with cash? Click here!
If a patient doesn't have private health insurance, they can use Medipass to pay fully out of pocket! To learn how,
click here.

On your screen, you will see the gap payment status in the top right hand corner go from "Pending" in orange to "Approved" in green.

That's it! Your patient will get a receipt sent to their email, and you will see the payment appear with other payments you've processed in your "Payments" screen. 

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