With Medipass, you can collect a payment outside of Medipass. This includes cash or a EFTPOS terminal.

For private health insurance transactions
After submitting the invoice, the patient will receive an SMS with a link to their claim and payment.

The patient can click this link, view their claim and skip adding card details.
The patient can tap "Approve" to just approve the health fund claim.

After they've approved the health fund claim you will be able to see payment options in your Medipass portal.
Select "Do not process with Medipass", and collect the cash payment or EFTPOS payment.

After collecting the payment outside of Medipass, the last step is to click "Submit".

For Medicare claims
Complete the claim as you usually would, or follow these steps and select "Continue to payment".
You will then be able to see the payment options.
Select "Do not process in Medipass"

After you've taken the payment via EFTPOS terminal or cash, select "Submit"

For any payments taken via cash or EFTPOS, the invoice will display as "Paid in person" when checking the "Invoice" tab.

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