With Medipass, you can collect a payment outside of Medipass. This includes cash or an EFTPOS terminal. This experience does differ for Medicare claims versus HICAPS Private Health Insurance claims, and we have outlined both scenarios below.

For Medicare

Complete a claim as you usually would, or follow these steps and select 'Continue to payment'. You will then be able to see the payment options.

Select 'Other', and then 'Submit'.

These payments display as 'Paid in person' in Invoice and Transaction Summaries.

For private health insurance (HICAPS)
HICAPS claims must be approved by a patient, and so we provide extra flexibility to enable you to take gap payment at this stage, or not.

If a patient has a gap payment to make, because their private health insurance benefit has not covered the full service amount, then by default (if you have enabled Medipass Card Payments), they must pay this via a debit or credit card at the same time as they approve their HICAPS claim. This gives you certainty that you will be paid for the full service amount owing.

If you would like extra flexibility here, then you do have the option to enable a patient to 'Pay in Person'. In this scenario, a patient does not need to pay any gap owing via Medipass, and can choose to only approve the HICAPS claim. The patient pays you the gap directly.

If you have given this option to patients, and they choose to pay any gap in person, then after they have approved the claim, you will be able to see payment options in the Medipass portal. In this scenario, select 'Other', and collect payment as you choose, then click 'Submit'.

To enable or disable the ability for a patient to 'Pay in Person' for any gap payments associated with HICAPS private health insurance claims, navigate to the 'Get Paid' tab and select the Settings icon against HICAPS. You will be presented with this selection.

We are here to help, so please let us know if you require any assistance with these features.

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