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So what does Medipass do? 

At Medipass we allow you to make on-the-spot claims, through the Medipass portal. We work closely with HICAPS, Medicare and allow digital claiming for these services. Everything is done through the practitioner web portal and your Medipass account (see here for help setting up your Medipass account), so there's no longer any need for physical EFTPOS terminals or cards. The digital experience is much faster, so your practitioner can spend less time on admin, and more time looking after you! 

How does it work?

At the end of your appointment, the practitioner uses their Medipass web portal to create your invoice. You are then sent the payment via SMS to your phone where you can view and approve it. Once you've approved the payment, your credit card is charged the gap amount and you will be emailed a copy of the payment. If you have a Medipass account, you can also use the HICAPS Go app to complete private health insurance transactions - more information on the HICAPS Go App can be found here.

What is HICAPS? 

HICAPS is the system many healthcare practitioners use to process your health insurance claim on the spot. At the end of your appointment, a practice staff member will take your health insurance card and swipe it through a machine. Then you just pay your gap, rather than paying the full amount for the appointment and taking a manual claim to your health insurer. The machine is the HICAPS terminal. 

Looking to claim with Medicare?

Medipass allows your provider to send you Medicare transactions, which can be approved via your Medipass account. This is done digitally via SMS at the end of your appointment.

Note: we're working with Australian health funds to get them enabled for Medipass claiming. For a complete list of the currently enabled funds, click here.  

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