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What does Medipass do? 

Medipass allows you and your service provider to make claims with a range of insurers and funders, including HICAPS for Private Health Insurance and Medicare. This means that you don't need to be unnecessarily out of pocket.

How does it work?

Medipass works very similar to most payment services you may already be familiar with. Your service provider will first create your payment request, and then they will send you the payment link, typically via SMS or email. Here, you can view and approve the payment request, which may include a claim component as well. If you do have a benefit, say from your private health insurer, then Medipass will only charge you the gap.

What is HICAPS? 

HICAPS is the system many healthcare practitioners use to process your health insurance claim on the spot. It is what Medipass leverages to process private health insurance claims. We are currently working with private health insurers to get them enabled for Medipass claiming. For a complete list of the currently enabled funds, to see if your fund is supported, click here.  

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