If you've set up services for your practice, patients can get an "Instant Quote" to see how much an appointment with you will cost, and an estimate of what their out-of-pocket will be.
If you haven't set up any services yet, or a patient wants a quote for something that's not displayed, they can also request a custom quote through the app. 

When a patient requests a quote, they are asked to write you a message to let you know what kind of appointment they might need. 

You will be notified of this request via email, where you can click "Reply" which will take you straight to your Medipass quote tab (you may need to log in first). 

Here you can fill in the details of any services that the patient may require, and reply to their message. 

This quote is then sent back to the patient's phone, where they can book their appointment with you!

Finally, to turn off Request Quote for your practice, just go to your practice and click on "Edit Details". Scroll down to the bottom and untick the box that says "Enable request a quote". You can turn it back on at any time.

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