With Medipass you're able to ask a practitioner for a quote for a service directly through your HICAPS Go app.
Practices also have the option to display their services and prices so you can receive a quote instantly! No more guess work. You'll know what your out of pocket costs will be in seconds. 

How to get a quote

Once you have logged into the HICAPS Go app you can browse the practices nearby by selecting which kind of provider you're looking for such as Dental, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor etc.

After finding the provider type and practice you would like to request a quote from, you will be able to search for the service you’re after. Eg. ‘New Patient Initial Appointment’ or 'General checkup'

Note: Some practitioners will allow you to select which practitioner will be providing your service.

You can now see the estimate price of the service, what out of pocket cost this will be, and how much your private health insurance benefit is.

Next step is to contact the provider to make an appointment!
Practitioners will have a ‘Send to provider’ option, a call option or an online booking option.

If the service you're looking for is not listed

You can also send them a direct message if you're unsure of exactly what you need. Let them know your back hurts and they will be in touch with some suitable treatment options for you. Too easy!

Click 'Request a quote', you can then type a message to the provider. Eg. "My shoulder has been painful for the last month, I would like to make an appointment please."

Once you're happy with your message, click 'Send to provider' 

When the practitioner replies to your quote, you will get a notification on your HICAPS Go app! 😊

Note: You can view practices who don't yet offer quotes by turning off the 'Show quote-enabled providers only' toggle located under the refined search options.

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