You can send a claim and payment request to a patient by SMS from the Medipass portal.
This allows patients to easily pay for their services and claim a health fund benefit without having to download an app.

To send a private health insurance claim and payment:

Click on the "Create payment request" button to the left side of your dashboard.

Select "HICAPS Private health insurance".

You will now be able to select the date of the appointment, your practice and practitioner.

If you haven't created a transaction for this patient before you can then add the details for your patient, such as mobile number, first and last name, date of birth and their health fund.
Note: These details will be saved in your "Patients" tab. Next time you can simply search for the patient's name.

If this patient has previously completed a transaction at your practice you can search for their name in the patient search option.

Next, select the service or item code and enter the price for this appointment.

You can then select "Continue to payment", which will send the claim to the patient via SMS.
You'll be able to see a loading screen, waiting for the patient to approve this request.

The patient can then either add their card details to this payment request or just tap "Approve" and only approve their private health insurance claim.

If the patient just approved the health insurance claim, you'll then be able to see additional payment options such as "Do not process with Medipass", which allows the patient can pay in cash or via EFTPOS, or "Send to patient's mobile" where they can add their payment card and save these details.

Select which way your patient will pay, and click "Submit".

When the claim and the payment have been successful, you will be taken to a transaction summary where you can see an "Approved" health fund claim, and an "Accepted" gap payment.

Information for patients on accepting a payment request via SMS

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