Instructions for sending a private health insurance claim via Medipass can be found here. This article outlines how this will look for your patient.

At the end of your session, your patient will receive an SMS with a link that will prompt them to either log in to an existing Medipass account, or enter their details to accept your transaction.

This transaction will expire in 15 minutes, so it's important to have your patient approve the transaction before they leave your practice.

Make sure your patient enables sharing of their location. For more information on why we need this, click here

If you have added your patient's private health insurance details when creating the transaction, they will be able to view their benefit amount and gap cost.

If not, the patient can now add their health fund details.

The patient then has the option to add their payment card details, and approve the claim and payment at the same time.

If the patient would like to pay with cash, or via an EFTPOS terminal, they can just tap "Approve" to approve their health insurance claim, and you can take the payment outside of Medipass.

Once the patient selects approve, the transaction is complete and you will be able to see this reflected in your Medipass portal.

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