Medipass enables you to submit digital invoices and related attachments to icare.

Our inbuilt checks ensure any required information is included and valid, so there's no need to worry about forgetting any crucial details. Plus, it's quick and easy, and you can track the status of submitted invoices from within the Medipass portal. 

First of all, if you haven't yet signed up for your free Medipass Provider account, you can do so here.

Before beginning an invoice, make sure your location and staff details are up to date, especially a valid ABN, email address, phone number and bank details. 

Note: Medipass support icare claiming for icare claim numbers with 7 characters, all digits and greater than 2000000.

Submitting an invoice 

There are three ways you can submit an invoice to icare:

  1. Enter details,

  2. Batch upload, and

  3. Invoice upload.

The below is a step-by-step guide for the 'Enter details' option, please follow the links above to see how to submit invoices via the other options.

Video demonstration

Here's Sophie from the Medipass Customer Success team with a quick demonstration of the invoice submission process. Keep reading below for a detailed breakdown of each step.

Step by step

1. Log in to Medipass at

2. Click on the "icare" tile to begin the invoice.

You will first be prompted for a unique invoice reference, such as an invoice number from your practice management software, or accounting system. 

3. The next section will ask you for the details of the injured worker. You can either search for an injured worker you have invoiced for before, or click '+Add New Patient' to enter the injured worker's details. When you invoice for a new injured worker, their details will be saved to a Patient Record in Medipass, so they'll be remembered for next time.

For a new injured worker, enter their first and last name, claim number and approval number.
Note: Currently, only Workers Insurance invoices can be submitted, so leave that filled in under "Scheme".

4. Next, add the details of the provider who performed the service. If there is only one location and provider to choose from, they will be pre-filled here. If you have a few options to choose from, click the drop-down menu under Location and Provider to select the correct options for this invoice.

Providers will need to be set up for icare invoicing in Medipass for them to appear here.

5. In the next two sections, you have the option to add any service notes and upload any required documents.

If required, click '+Add service note' and type in any notes in the box that appears. To upload documents, click '+Attach a document' and select the document you wish to upload. These documents may include:

  • Certificate of capacity/fitness

  • Allied health recovery request (AHRR)

  • Operation report

  • Clinical justification

Or any other documents that may be required.

Note: Make sure you retain a copy of any documents you attach, as you will be unable to access these through Medipass once your invoice is submitted.

5. You will then be asked for the payment code details of the service. 

If needed, you can add multiple item codes by clicking "Add another item".

Review the total amount of your invoice, and your settlement bank details, and click 'Submit Invoice'.

Note: The "Settlement bank details" will be the bank details displayed on your icare invoice, and the bank account icare use to pay the invoice. If you haven't yet added a settlement bank account, follow these steps.

7. After submitting your invoice, you will be taken to a summary screen, which contains all the information of your invoice and its current status. You can return to this screen any time to check the progress of an invoice by going to the 'Invoices' section of Medipass.

For detailed information about invoice status, click here

If you need any help, our support team is available 8am to 6pm AEST Monday to Friday. You can contact us via the pink chat bubble on the bottom right of every page. 

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