Medipass Card Payments enables a quick and easy way for you to start taking credit/debit card payments in Medipass. If you need help determining whether Medipass Card payment is right for your business, please read this.


Activating Medipass Card Payments is super easy, here are the steps:

  1. Head into "Business Settings" and select "Card payments" 
  2. Select Medipass Card Payments, then hit "Confirm & continue"
  3. Confirm your settlement bank details (BSB, account no, etc)
  4. Complete identification check of the business owners

Once you complete these steps you're ready to go and can start using Medipass Card Payments straight way! 🎉

Switching between services

Only one card processing service can be initiated for your business at a time, though you do have the ability to change which method you use, if required.

You can switch between Medipass Card Payments or HICAPS Go by navigating to Business Settings > Card Payments at anytime.  Keep in mind, only Business Administrators will be able to make these changes.

Saved credit cards can only be re-used with the facility they were created with. So if you saved a patient's credit card when using Medipass Card Payments, then switch to HICAPS Go, credit card details will need to be re-entered and re-saved.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or email us at We're happy to help!

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