Looking to remove or archive an invoice from your list of invoices? No problem!

How to archive an invoice

After you've selected your "Invoices" tab you'll be able to see all your invoices made in Medipass

You can now select the invoice you'd like to archive by selecting the check box at the left of this invoice and clicking "Archive invoices"

Alternatively, you can select the invoice you wish to archive to view the details, and select "Archive"

How to view archived invoices

Once an invoice if archived you can view this invoice in your "Archived" tab

If you need to unarchive an invoice for any reason you can select the checkbox to the left of the invoice and click "Unarchive 1 invoice"

Or, you can select this invoice and click "Unarchive"

Archiving multiple invoices

To select multiple invoices, you can select the check box on the left of each invoice within your "Invoices" tab as seen below.

You can then select the "Archive invoices" at the top of your list of invoices.

These selected invoices will then be archived and can be found in your "Archived" tab.

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