Medipass enables you to view your transactions, summarised by how they will be settled into your bank account. This can be invaluable as you reconcile your benefit payments.


  • We support Settlement Reporting for Medicare, HICAPS and NAB (for gap payments)
  • Reports are only for transactions that have been processed through Medipass.

You can find the "Reports" tab on the left menu bar, just above Business Settings.

Here you will be able to view any applicable reports, including download a CSV of transactions.

Filter options give you the ability to view Daily or Monthly reports, and to select a date range of your choice.

Within the report, there will be the transaction date, time, amount and other automatically generated invoice references. We recommend using the date, time and dollar amount to reference against your practice management system.

Funds will continue to be deposited into your bank account according to the payment terms of the insurers.

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