To submit a DVA invoice, select the "Get paid" tab.

First step is to add an invoice reference, this can be from your practice management or accounting system (this is not mandatory).

Second step is to select the location if you have multiple, and third step is to select he provider.
Note: “Specialty & provider number” will auto-populate based on the selected provider. If multiple provider numbers are available, select the correct one from the list that appears. 

You also have the option to nominate a separate payee provider, such as a principle provider in a group practice, which will direct any Medicare payment to the payee’s bank details on file with Medicare. By default, the payee provider is the servicing provider. To nominate a separate payee provider, click “Change” under “Who should receive the benefit for this service?” and enter the payee provider’s name and provider number.

Next up is patient details.
If you've already created in invoice for this patient, you can search for their name in the existing patient search.

If this is a new patient you can add their details by selecting "+ Add new patient"

For some white card holders, an accepted disability indicator may be required. This can be added by clicking “Advanced options”, selecting “Yes” under “Accepted disability indicator” and entering any details in the “Accepted disability text” field.

If required, add referral details such as the referring provider name, number, issue date and referral period.

Note: Referral details are typically not required or shown for General Practitioners

To add a service, either type in the relevant MBS/DVA item code or item description, or select a service from the drop down list (1). Only item codes applicable for the servicing provider and service date will be displayed. 

You can add multiple services if required, or remove any previously added by clicking “Remove” (2).  The date of service defaults to the current date. To change the date of service, select the “Date of service” field (3).

When all details have been submitted select "Submit claim"

After the payment request is created, a summary screen will be shown, including the status of the claim.

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