Medipass offers two different integration options to enable you to integrate to HICAPS in order to raise claims to private health insurers. You can use either, or both, depending on your needs.

  • HICAPS Go, which allows you to process HICAPS claims via a patient’s mobile phone (without a HICAPS terminal).
  • HICAPS terminal integration, where Medipass connects to your existing HICAPS terminal.

Each of these integrations require your practice and providers to be registered with HICAPS.

Integration comparison and frequently asked questions

How are private health insurance claims processed?

  • When you use HICAPS Go, claims are sent to your patient’s mobile phone
  • HICAPS terminal claims are initiated in Medipass, and then sent to your terminal to be finalised.

Are quotes supported?

  • HICAPS Go quotes are supported via Medipass. They are sent to your patient’s mobile phone, even if the patient isn’t in your practice.
  • HICAPS terminal quotes are not currently supported in Medipass (although HICAPS does enable you to process quotes directly on the terminal).

Which private health insurers are supported?

  • HICAPS Go is supported by these funds (check back regularly, as this list is updated often).
  • HICAPS Terminal is supported by all major funds.

Do patients need physical cards?

  • HICAPS Go does not require your patient to have a physical membership or payment card once they have set up their Medipass account.
  • Physical cards are required for HICAPS terminal, just like they are today.

What practice management systems are supported?

  • Click here to learn more about our expanding list of practice management software partners who integrate to Medipass.

What are the fees?

Where can I learn more?

  • To learn more about HICAPS Go, and to sign up, click here.
  • To learn more about whether the HICAPS terminal integration is right for you, click here.

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